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Welcome to the Kaper Field Spaniels website!
We hope that you enjoy the photos of our merry pranksters and reading and learning about Field Spaniels!

Above is CH Kaper's Down the Rabbit Hole "Alice" in Kaper's back yard in Massachusetts. We have moved to a farm in New Hampshire's Monadnock region.

Below:  Emily with Tink; Chester in AZ; Ralph w/pup; Alice & Mike playing Scrabble



Kaper Field Spaniels is a small, family based breeder and exhibitor of Field Spaniels located in New Hampshire's Monadnock region. We have placed Field Spaniels into loving homes in many states of the USA and in Canada.  We take pride in our limited breedings with utmost consideration to the health, temperament, and breed type (appearance) of our puppies.  All of our puppies are raised in our home where they are well cared for and well socialized.  We enjoy the sport of breed exhibition in dog shows, tracking, agility and obedience work, but mostly we enjoy time spent with our dogs in our home and daily life.  Our dogs are all house dogs/pets and we are not a kennel.

Carole Kaye is a member of the Field Spaniel Society of America (parent club for FS breed in the AKC).  Carole is currently the FSSA's Archives/Historian and Librarian and served many years as the FSSA Newsletter Editor.  Carole is the Past President of the Concord Dog Training Club located in Concord, Massachusetts (an AKC club) and served many years on the board of the CDTC.  Carole is a member of the American Spaniel Club and serves on the Archives committee for the ASC. 

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Above is CH KD Brchfld Robin's Reflection, our foundation bitch born 4/28/98.  Robin was our second Field Spaniel, following CH Kingsmead's Blue Chip Luke into our home. Carole owner handled Robin to her championship. Robin was bred by Sandra Burt-Jones of Kare-Dawn FS.

What is a Field Spaniel and what makes a Field Spaniel so special?

Field Spaniels are rare, handsome, dignified medium sized dogs of ancient spaniel heritage that are usually liver (dark brown) colored or black.  The rarest Field Spaniel is the roan which is either black or liver colored with white hairs mixed in “ticking”.  They can be any of these colors with tan points, such as you would see on a Doberman, having tan markings on the muzzle, eyebrows, front of legs etc.  Some Fields have a blaze of white from their necks down through their chests.  Their weight runs about 35 – 55 pounds, the males being the larger sized, and they stand about as high as your knee (16-18 inches at the withers.)  Their straight or slightly wavy dense coat is a single coat without an undercoat and the consistency is very silky yet strong. The body coat is up to about 2 inches in length, but they have longer, beautiful feathering on their ears, legs, chest, underbelly and tails (which are customarily docked as befits a field working dog – for protection against painful damage in the fields.)  Yes, they do shed.  They have low set pendulant ears and long muzzles and are characterized by their gentle, wise expressions.  Most of this you can see by looking at the photos.

What you cannot see in the photos is that Field Spaniels are sensitive dogs and do not respond well to harsh corrections.  A gentle reminder is all that is required for their training as they are well in tune with wanting to please their owners, as well as themselves.  They can have a bit of a stubborn streak and sometimes patience is necessary when the dog seems to have decided it knows better than its owner.  This ability of the FS to think and have a brain of its own makes it somewhat different from some other breeds of dogs that might be a little easier to train, mostly because these other dogs just want someone to tell them what to do because they don’t have many creative thoughts of their own. The FS does have a brain and uses it to set goals and to figure out solutions for how to achieve their goals. They also have a sense of humor and can figure out how to make you laugh, while having a gleeful time for themselves.  These are clever dogs, indeed, and they are a joy to live with, providing that you have a bit of a sense of humor.

Life with a Field Spaniel requires that you offer some attention to your dog, just as your dog will be attentive to you.  They are very affectionate if you allow it.  They love to play games such as fetch and retrieve. You may think that they are gerbils in disguise if you get one as a puppy, because just about every FS pup in the world loves to shred paper or paper products and needs to learn that this isn’t such a neat thing (literally) to do.  Your dog will follow you everywhere because they love people and want to be with their family.  Some might, on occasion, be sloppy drinkers and leave a puddle around the water bowl, while others may take a mouthful and deliver it to your lap, or your guest’s lap. Most, but not all, FS love to swim and take naturally to the water.

When you take your dog out you will frequently be asked “What kind of dog is that?” You might explain, “It is a Field Spaniel …a fairly rare spaniel breed that is a little smaller than a Springer and somewhat bigger than a Cocker.”  “I've never heard of them before, they're beautiful!” they will usually respond.

Some FS are very friendly and outgoing with strangers, while others are somewhat reserved to downright shy.  Usually the shyer ones will outgrow their insecurity with age and with lots of experiences with treats passed to strangers to offer to the dog. Very few FS have aggression issues and the breed is not reputed to be great watch dogs although most will give a loud alert bark when the door bell rings.  Our Kaper dogs are always on the alert for newcomers and enthusiastically announce their arrival. Sometimes they greet the visitors in a friendly attention seeking manner, other times they decide they’d be more comfortable upstairs and out of sight.

Fields are generally docile, fun loving dogs.  They are soft mouthed and gentle and rarely clumsy. They typically are not hyperactive and usually don’t make pests of themselves unless they are totally ignored and infrequently exercised.  They are generally content to lie by your side, but they will follow you everywhere and love to just hang out in the car waiting for a ride to anywhere or nowhere, always optimistic that you’re heading toward their favorite conservation area for a good run.  Dogs that are bred to be performance (obedience, agility etc.) dogs tend to be a little more high energy and attention demanding than that those that are bred for the breed conformation show ring and for pets.   Field Spaniels make great family dogs as well as hunter’s companions or performance dogs and are frequently used as Therapy dogs. These are dogs that can do it all.

CH Kaper KD's Independence Day "Penny" who is out of Robin.

 Below is AKC Champion KD Brchfld's Robin's Reflection

Above is CH Kaper's Down the Rabbit Hole "Alice" who is out of Penny

are Kaper's Never Never Land "Tinkerbell" who is out of Alice and the black is Axiom's Only the Truth CGC "Trudy" who is out of Alice's littermate, CH Kaper's Carribean Nights at Axiom thus Trudy is Tink's cousin

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